Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fear Fun with Aubrey Plaza: Father John Misty - "Hollywood Forever, Cemetery Sings" (Sub Pop)

"Father John Misty" is the newly-adopted nom de plume of former Fleet Foxes drummer, J. Tillman. While it's not exactly a "Hip-Hop" album by definition, Tillman's story evokes repeat run-ins with 3 of the genre's most commonly employed [de]vices: bitches, drugs & money. Father John Misty's upcoming debut full-length, Fear Fun (May) essentially chronicles one man's journey as he lets his guard down for the first time and takes some risks... "weird-ass songs about weird-ass experiences [written] almost in real-time" and then re-recorded with a handful of local LA-area musical friends. Josh Tillman has been recording and releasing music under his given name since about 2003, but just now feels as though he's finally coming into his own as a singer-songwriter. Fear Fun will eventually be followed up with a companion J. Tillman-penned novel, which was written during the same spontaneous coastal roadtrip that spawned the album's initial demo recordings.

Initially premiered over at Entertainment Weekly back on January 31st, "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" was slowly liberated across the waves of The Inter-web in the coming weeks soon thereafter; Music video director, Noel Paul really went out on a limb when casting Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Rec) as the crazy deranged, yet mildly entertaining lead role. Plaza proceeds to effectively ruin everyone else's "good time." Ravaging her way through a funeral procession... Aubrey Plaza wrecks and eats flowers, partially strips, table dancing, smoking an apple, and generally causing a ruckus. Brief glimpses of J. Tillman can be seen throughout the course of the music video, but let's just say he makes his presence known in it's final scenes! Sub Pop has likened various moments on Fear Fun to Led Zeppelin, George Harrison, Waylon Jennings, Harry Nilsson, and Arthur Russell. Father John Misty is currently on a short, buzz-building tour leading up to the album's slated May 1st release date.

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