Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hyperbolic Chamber Music: Lakutis - "POOL PARTY" (Dapwell & Battles for Mishka NYC)

Hyperbolic Chamber Music is essentially one long, free-form 22-minute-long posse cut commissioned by Mishka NYC and [entirely] produced by Ryan Hemsworth. Amongst it's included 27 up-and-comers are: MondreM.A.N. Squadda B, Kool A.D. Big Baby Gandhi, Fat Tony, and Shady Blaze. Average Russian-American John Q. Public and Das Racist-affiliated rapper, Aleksey "Lakutis" Weintraub appears @ some point during "Hyperbolic Chamber Music"'s latter 1/2. Lakutis' 2-3 bars have since been segmented into "Pool Party," which now has it's own companion music video... directed by Das Racist and Battles members, Dapwell and [drummer] John Strainer.

Roughly a 2-minute affair, "Pool Party" comes off as weirdly low budget D.I.Y. yet surprisingly endearing and heart-felt. Dapwell manages to employ a gaggle of go-to camera tricks: swanky furniture, flashing lights, an e-cigarette, geometric shapes, and "explosive" stock footage. Lakutis' most recent EP, I'm In The Forest is now available over @ Bandcamp (Greedhead), while "Hyperbolic Chamber Music" is currently streaming and download-able online, via Mishka's Soundcloud page.

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