Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wu-Tang Horrorcore Revivalists: Flatbush Zombies - "Laker Paper" (Erick Arc Elliott, Beats)

Brooklyn's very own Flatbush Zombies are preparing to essentially single-handedly "bring [back] da mother_ucking ruckus." The One, Two crew of tag-team rappers Meechy Darko & Zombie Juice are backed by the morbidly RZArected beats of in-house producer, Erick Arc Elliott. Flatbush Zombies indeed evoke the mid-90's, Gravediggaz popularized genre of Horrorcore... adding their own unique updated twist(s), in an effort to revitalize the music after Limp Bizkit forever tarnished and brutally killed it.

From what I can tell, The Zombies released their first track, "Thug Waffles" back in November 2011; Since then, they've slowly leaked out a handful of additional tracks: "S.C.O.S.A." "Caps Lock," "Gucci Gucci" (KREAYSHAWN), and "Suspiria." While their latest track, "Laker Paper" was liberated roughly 2 days ago, there are still no signs of a Flatbush Zombies mixtape/full-length. But if the major labels know what's good for Hip-Hop, they'll come looking for Meechy Darko & Zombie Juice soon enough. Shouts to Arelie Gutierrez, 2dope Meka, and Magic Johnson!

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