Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lana del Rey & Woodkid Reunite for Big-Budget "Blue Jeans" Music Video (Born 2 Die)

Easily becoming one of the music industry's most widely loved/hated aspiring young star[letts], Lizzy "Lana del Rey" Grant released a lavish, new music video for "Blue Jeans" earlier this morning. Originally unveiled with a hand-made Grant video back in Sept. 2011, "Blue Jeans" (single) will see a major label re-release this coming April. Lana del Rey's music is essentially manufactured, sugar-coated Pop perfect for Britney Spears' angst-filled tween 20-something fans. While I have yet to hear the complete Born 2 Die album, I must admit, that of the 8-10 tracks I have heard, "Blue Jeans" still remains my personal favourite.

"Blue Jeans"'s re-loaded video is an eloquent black & white affair that shows off Lana del Rey's best assets, as well as her blooming acting/modelling chops. "Blue Jeans" was directed by Yoann Lemoine (Woodkid) and co-stars model Bradley Soileau, who both previously worked on "Born 2 Die." Lana del Rey's major label debut, Born 2 Die is now available for purchase and her pulled "Lizzy Grant" album (2010) is expected to see a proper re-release in the coming months. Whether you love or hate her music and public image, you must admit that Lana del Rey is slowly but surely becoming a house-hold name!

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