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Friday, March 9, 2012

Re-Tom Breihan Presents: Usher & Dilpo - "Climax" (Mad Decent x LaFace)

Earlier this year, Usher linked with Diplo to make "Climax," a pretty amazing heartbroken R&B track with masterful Dance-music flourishes and an excellently subtle string arrangement from Indie-Classical wunderkind, Nico Muhly. It's an early contender for Single of The Year (2012) and a fine reminder that, no matter what you may think of Usher and/or Diplo, they are both extremely good @ driving their respective lanes. The new "Climax" video is a bit of fairly typical R&B-video melodrama, all about Usher contemplating the different tragic paths he and his ladyfriend could take, but it's a nice excuse to enjoy the song again. Watch it below... Usher hasn't announced a new album yet or anything, but the "Climax" single is @ iTunes now.

- Tom Breihan (Stereogum)

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