Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dreams Money Can Buy: Jai Paul - "Jasmine" (Acid Jazz-R&B, XL 2012 Demo)

Jai Paul is a mysterious London-based singer-songwriter & producer who basically has one sole, albeit wide-spread claim to fame: "BTSTU" (2012). Upon it's initial XL Recordings-fueled release, the track quickly blasted atop many online music blogs' year-end lists; Paul's melodies were even sampled by a few popular artists: Drake, Beyoncé, XV, Pusha-T, and Intuition. When I contacted Holly @ Air Force London ("other shit") back on 11/8-11/2011, she simply replied saying that "Jai [Paul] will be releasing his next single in the New Year and the album will some sometime after, please stay tuned."

The Indie blog community as a whole, I included, has yet to hear a peep from either Jai Paul or Air Force London since "BTSTU." But man, that all changed late yesterday afternoon, right as the weekend was beginning to start... seemingly out of nowhere, Jai Paul uploaded a BRAND NEW [demo] track, "Jasmine" to XL Recordings' label-wide Soundcloud. Just go ahead and bask in it's Acid Jazz-R&B glory, which kinda sounds like a mix between Steely Dan/Daft Punk. It looks like a Jai Paul + XL full-length just might be coming semi-soon, compadres!?

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