Friday, March 2, 2012

Open Up & Bleed: DOPE BODY - "Lazy Slave" (Hardcore Punk Revival, Baltimore?)

As cliche as it sounds, Punk Rock is NOT just a mere fad; Angst-filled youth rebellion is something that will never go out of style! But let's face it, even today's finest Hardcore bands are way less "threatening" and society-damning than they used to be. Then again, it seems as though we're currently experiencing a "Hardcore Punk Revival," of sorts... with fresh, new bands like Fucked Up, Diarrhea Planet, WEIRD WIVES (Surfer Blood), Pissed Jeans, Death Grips, PARTY ANIMAL, and Odd Future popping up every so often. But on the other hand, the sum of all these musical parts don't even begin to stack up against the single greatest Hardcore band of all time: Black Flag!

Dope Body are an aggressive young bunch of D.I.Y. musicians, hailing from Baltimore, MD. Andrew Laumann, Zach Utz, and David Jacober have been creating mashed-up Noise Rock together as part of the city's "Wham City" scene since roughly 2008. John Jones was recently brought into the fold to help beef up Dope Body's sound, which has been getting progressively more polished and cleaned up with each release since Twenty-Pound Brick (2009). The follow-up to their critically-acclaimed 2011 album, Nupping is slated for a May 22nd release on new label, Drag City. Just yesterday afternoon, Dope Body decided to unleashed Natural History's premier sampling [single]: "Lazy Slave." And man, it plays out like a swift, crippling punch to the gut!

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