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Friday, January 20, 2012

French-Fried Arena Rock: Justice - "On 'N' On" (Alexandre Courtes' Space Jam 2.0)

Gigantic scantily-clad floating ladies, skeletons, shaded band members, diamonds, and of course, geocentric shapes: All present throughout Justice's most recent music video. "On 'N' On" is very much comparable to Justice's Arena Rock-inspired sophomore album, Audio Video Disco - Complex, yet amazingly simple pieces of work, which @ any given time, you aren't entire sure if they paying homage or mocking a few of your favourite things. Now don't get me wrong, Audio Video Disco was hands down one of my personal Top Albums of 2011... maybe it's simply the language barrier, but I'm never entirely sure how to take what Justice is doing. Admittedly un-talented "musicians," Xavier de Rosnay & Gaspard Augé essentially taught themselves how to play the album's featured instruments and then pain-staking dis/re-assembled it's primary components. Needless to say, Justice's Audio Video Disco is now available and undoubtedly worth picking up!

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