Saturday, January 21, 2012

Paint By Numbers: Django Django - "Default" (Bandleader & Pop Artist, David MacLean)

Currently on a quick promotional jaunt for their upcoming self-titled debut, Django Django recently took some time off to finalize and release their latest music video: "Default" was initially shot by Dan Brereton and executed as a fairly simple performance clip, which showcased the band's unique sound. I'd categorize Django Django's overall sound as something like: Pop-tinged Post-Rock music. Slight touches of Hip-Hop [sampling] are also noticeable throughout. Drummer and bandleader, David MacLean then rifled through some 4,000 printed stills... went in and hand painted colorful accents over top of his favourite shots, which Brereton re-shot and animated to create the final cut of "Default." The resulting music video is mildly reminiscent of a-ha's seminal hit, "Take On Me" (1985).

An equally-infectious and nearly just as note-worthy "Default" (Walls Remix) is available for "Like" [download] over @ Django Django's Facebook. The Dalston, London-based band who's name sounds close enough to "Banjo Banjo" has managed to quietly release 3 vinyl singles since it's 2008 inception. The group's core line-up consists of Vinny Neff, Dave MacLean, Duncan Marquiss Jimmy Dixon, and Tommy Grace - supplying vocals/guitar, drums, bass, and keyboards (respectively). Django Django seem to have a pretty storied, albeit short career soundtracked by rhythms which online Journalist, James Wilkinson further describes as "experimental, Electronic music [similar] to Joe Meek's productions... surf guitars, Art-Rock, and Psychedelic." Pick up a copy of bedroom-recorded Django Django when it's released this coming January 30-31st on Because Music.

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