Sunday, January 29, 2012

TEENS FOUND SLAIN: Heems & Mike Finito - "WOMYN" (HITCH 2... Saved By The Bell)

Himanshu "Heems" K. Suri is really the only [rapping] person who can ACTUALLY pull off sounding so smart/dumb all @ once, without coming off as a complete and total toolbag. It almost seems like "WOMYN," which was the premier track debuted from Nehru Jackets (June) and still my personal favourite... is being told through the voice of Saved By The Bell's very own "AC Slater." Indeed, yet another fine Pop Culture reference from America's favourite brown Indie Hip-Hopper! Remember that one time that Jessie told him that girls don't like being called "chicks" and would much rather prefer "women" instead?

Well, this is kinda like after that, when Slater [trying his absolute best] continued to use "women" in the totally wrong tense. OK well, maybe that last part didn't really happen on Saved By The Bell. But it's highly plausible and that what Heems & Mike Finito Lakutis proceed to do here, anyways. "WOMYN"'s chain of non-sequiturs are then overlaid atop Mike Finito's simple, yet effective production: "do do do doot," piano lick, Boom Bap drums. Nehru Jackets (mixtape) was released online roughly 2 weeks ago and showcases LAVISH bars from Action Bronson, Childish Gambino, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, Danny Brown, and H.H. Ravi Shankar ("The Beatles").

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