Thursday, January 19, 2012

Party & Bullshit: STS GOLD Rush - "We Threw a Party" (Drake Care This Weekend)

I've really been meaning to dub up a GOLD Rush-themed STS post for quite some time... easily a solid week or 2 now. The latest edition of Sugar Tongue Slim's weekly jam-flipping series is "We Threw a Party." Based around short, choppy vocal samples culled from a couple of Drake & Beyoncé's most recent radio hits. Drake's previously somber, pity-filled romp, "Marvin's Room" has now been transformed into a celebratory, albeit brief tune... just in time for the weekend! David Mack recently filmed the companion music video @ this year's OKP Holiday Jam, which sports quick cameos from the likes of The Roots Crew, Shaggy, and Big Daddy Kane. Fans should expect the complete GOLD Rush (mixtape) to drop in early February over @ STS's own personal "gold claim" [website].

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