Friday, January 27, 2012

New Wave Cloud Rap: MondreMAN - "Belly of The Beast" (M A N EP & Remix Tape #100)

For all intensive purposes, MondreMAN is the "Rakim" of up-and-coming Oakland "Cloud Rap" duo, Main Attrakionz. Aside from the fact that they quite obviously love weed, beer, Pro Wrestling, and "airy" [Ambient] beats... little else is known about the illusive rapper/beatsmith team, nor their Green Ova crew. Since bursting onto the Indie Hip-Hop scene back in 2010 along with fellow stream-of-conscious artists like Cities Aviv, Danny Brown, Lil B, Clams Casino, A$AP Rocky, Das Racist, and Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire... Squadda B & MondreMAN have branched off to record separate solo projects. MondreMAN liberated his latest effort, M A N EP back in December, which has easily become his most well-received release. Surf on over to Main Attrakionz' Bandcamp page to pick up selections from their newest batch of solo, group, and Killa Beez-esque releases.

During his latest promotional push behind M A N EP, MondreMAN released a companion Remix EP and a pair of simplistic Sam Fuller-directed music videos: "Belly of The Beast" and "Cloud." Barely hitting the 2-minute mark, both clips do their absolute best to match the atmospheric, "Cloud Rap" beats beneath. The bulk of "Belly of The Beast" was filmed using that side-by-side mirror image effect and showcases MondreMAN casually walking through his neighborhood; While "Cloud" showcases a VERY RARE black & white stylized look into Green Ova's DIY recording process @ Squadda B's home studio.

The companion M A N Remix EP was released to The Internet just last Tuesday (Jan. 24th) and is a true "must have" for anyone who loved the original EP or the casual Indie Rock fan. Crash Symbols then commissioned artists from their label roster to remix, cut/paste, and re-hash M A N's 9 featured cuts. Note-worthy submissions include: Shady Blaze, Julian Wass, Pariah Carey, Ryan Hemsworth, Sea Things, and BlueSky BlackDeath. Head on over to Crash Symbols to pick up a Limited Edition (100) cassette tape version of M A N EP/Remix; Jam-packed with 18 Electronic-driven originals and remixes for the reasonable price of just $5.00!

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