Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cold Day In Hell: Madlib & Freddie Gibbs - "Thuggin'" EP (Medicine Show #13: Black Tape?)

Although I really can't relate to the gun-slinging experiences outlined by the average rapper these days... as an aspiring, young Journalist, I can however, relate to the sheer "hustle," which is commonly detailed throughout Hip-Hop. Especially the sort of hard-as-nails actions seen across Freddie Gibbs' recent Madlib-produced lead single, "Thuggin.'" Indie director, Jonah Schwartz (DD172 Films) has now teamed up with "MadGibbs" to produce a truly chilling visual accompaniment for the hard-hitting track. Over the course of the music video, Freddie Gibbs proceeds to surprise attack, murder & pillage a number of "sinners:" drug dealers, pimps, hookers, etc; Therefore it might be particularly fitting to dub "Thuggin'" as Crack Rap. Madlib & Freddie Gibbs' debut collaborative 6-track EP is now available over @ Stones Throw and they're currently working on a proper full-length album together. The untitled Madlib Invazion album is slated for a first 1/4 (2012) release.

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