Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rising: Evian Christ Samples "Snapbacks Back" & Grouper (Moody Hip-Hop Music)

"Evian Christ" is a mysterious, young British music producer who randomly uploaded a handful of promising tracks to YouTube over the weekend; In fact, 8 sample-based instrumentals were uploaded to the newly-created account over the course of the past few days. Dummy notoriously posted about Evian Christ & "drip" when it had just 1 mere hit (Dec. 30th) and their accompanying music has since set the blogosphere ablaze! Track titles are mildly cryptic and include: "thrown like jacks," "go girl," and "fridge, crank, gun." Only time will tell who "Evian Christ" really is and what's truly in store for him/her. But based solely off all of this recent media attention, I can only image that it will imminently result in the signing of a major label deal.

If KREAYSHAWN can get a $1 million deal/1.5 million hits, then I'm sure that Evian Christ can manage to get some sort of semi-size-able deal off all this web-generated buzz... with 4,420 overall hits on 8 still videos in less than 10 days. Evian Christ's music is chock full of ambiance and could quite easily be compare to Clams Casino or Star Slinger's recent blend of Hip-Hop-tinged "mood music." Vocal tracks are then cleverly interwoven between the dense instrumental layers - From what I can tell, samples which were culled from various sources: Tyga & Chris Brown, Grouper, Baby Bash & E-40, and Meek Mill (Rick Ross). Evian Christ seems to have a particular affinity for Tyga's summertime ode to vintage baseball caps, "Snapbacks Back," which is sampled some 3 times across the span of these 8 inaugural jams.

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