Monday, January 9, 2012

Thheee Bulls... 1990's Theme: A$AP Twelvy - "A.S.A.P. Bullshit" (Alan Parsons Project)

Quite arguably the second most recognizable [note-worthy] member of Harlem's very own 7 man-deep A$AP Mob Crew, A$AP Twelvy liberated 2 previously unreleased tracks to Twitter late last night. While the young gifted producer(s) behind "A.S.A.P. Bullshit" and "12 Unleashed" is currently unknown, the pair of slightly dated tracks indefinitely reveal key aspects of Twelvy's vivid, colorful personality. "A.S.A.P. Bullshit" showcases a slick beat pain-stakingly melded down from Chicago Bulls' Theme (Alan Parsons Project). Another contempo, albeit "high-profile" A$AP Twelvy verse of particular note recently appeared within Asher Roth & Blended Babies' excellent mixtape, Pabst & Jazz.

"12 Unleashed" on the other hand, features A$AP Twelvy rapping over what seems to be an instrumental pulled from Young Buck's "Get Buck" (2007). It's unclear as to weather or not these 2 tracks will appear on A$AP Mob's upcoming group compilation album. But in the mean time, catch "A$AP Mob Tour 2K12" coming to a major city near you this upcoming January-February. Soon thereafter, group leader A$AP Rocky will go out on the road with Drake & Kendrick Lamar as part of Aubrey's massive "Club Paradise" Tour (Spring).

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