Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"One of These Days:" The Life & Times of Dave Grohl (Post-Grunge Foo Fighter)

Born in 1987, I really can't say that I remember the events surrounding the tragic deaths of Biggie, Kurt Cobain, and 2Pac. But I do recall that these people meant a lot to many adoring fans and that everyone was really sad. Over the course of the past 15-18 years since, I've grown to know and love the music of 2Pac & Biggie. The older I get, the more I grow to appreciate Nirvana (Nevermind) and now I [fully] understand Kurt's vast artistic vision. I must say though, that I'm a bigger Foo Fighters fan, hands down! In no way would I ever "knock" Nirvana's legacy... maybe simply because of age, Foo Fighters is the band that I've grown to know, love, and favor instead. We all know that lead Foo, Dave Grohl used to be Nirvana's drummer and prior to that, he ripped it up along with legendary DC Hardcore band, Scream. I can honestly say that I vividly remember watching the "Big Me" video on MTV way back when (1995), and have loved a large chunk of every progressive Foo Fighters album that's been released since!

The Foo Fighters' most recent album, Wasting Light is essentially the amalgamation of all of it's members' collective past works. Quite a vast, yet triumphant undertaking for a batch of seasoned musicians easily nearing their 40's. Wasting Light was entirely written/recorded in Dave Grohl's garage, produced by mastermind Butch Vig (Garbage), and recorded directly to tape. yes, that means raw, Balls-to-The-Wall Rock "N" Roll, recorded in one take (no overdubs); A style which has essentially become a long-forgotten artform in the recent years of this "Digital Age." Foo Fighters have managed to remain a constant Rock "Titan," even throughout the ever-changing pace of music: a gradual shift from cassette to mp3 format.

To fully understand the creation of this [instant] classic album and the sheer lexicon of Foo Fighters, I strongly recommend watching their recently-released documentary, Back & Forth. Said film is a must-have for any Foo Fighters fan - be they new or old... as it covers the band's entire career from inception (1994) to present-day, with a slightly larger focus on Wasting Light. Anyways, "These Days" has slowly become my absolute favourite cut amongst all of the great album tracks and singles. I think it's a solid representation of the entire album and the current mindset of Foo Fighters. Issued as a radio single back in January, a companion music video for "These Days" has finally emerged. Filmed whilst on the 2011 Australian/New Zealand Tour, the clip's overall atmosphere and tone matches up pretty well with that of Back & Forth's free-form, DIY nature. THE END!

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