Tuesday, November 22, 2016

LION BABE Deliver ROOOAARING Message of Self-empowerment, Health & Acceptance with Latest Julian Branciforte-directed Begin Single, "Got Body" (Interscope/Polydor Records)

"I got body, no matter what I wear." "Got Body" VIDEO IN BIO! Directed by Julian Branciforte. Celebrate your difference, your individuality, your heritage, your family, your love, your hair, your ancestors, your growth, your skin, your organs, your fat, your bones! We really don't need to look, act, or be the same. It is a distraction. Celebrate life and the changes that come with it. Surround yourself with love!" @lionbabe recently wrote within an exuberant, self-empowering statement accompanying their latest Begin single, "Got Body." LION BABE consists of sultry songstress, dancer, and H&M & Pantene model Jillian Hervey and multi-instrumentalist and record producer Lucas "Astro Raw" Goodman. "Hervey dances in the streets, record stores, and subway train cars, while Goodman purchases and makes a beat on what appears to be a Roland SP-404 sampler; the duo eventually meets up with friends for a chill session," okayplayer scribe Abel Shifferaw detailed within a recently penned write-up. LION BABE's latest release is a stand-alone Neo-Soul cover of Tom Jones' gold-certified "She's a Lady," which they composed for H&M.

Jillian Hervey is actually the daughter of like-minded singer, actress, model and former Miss America 1987 Vanessa Williams and notorious manager and executive producer Ramon Hervey II. Williams, oddly enough, makes a brief cameo "appearance" within LION BABE's latest "Got Body" video—around 2:21 minutes into Branciforte's rather eclectic Brooklyn-shot treatment, her 1988 Wing Records 12-inch single "The Right Stuff" can be seen held up by a cheeky smiling Hervey. "Got Body" is the fourth released single (behind "Wonder Woman," "Impossible," and "Where Do We Go?") from LION BABE's critically-acclaimed Interscope/Polydor Records full-length debut, Begin. Since its February 2016 release, LION BABE unleashed a self-described "special project for the summer time '16," by way of their aptly-titled Sun Joint mixtape, which just might be the perfect no-strings-attached introduction for new-found fans. "Got Body" is a telling, and long-overdue, sign of the times—especially since Sports Illustrated recently crowned their 52nd and first "plus-sized" (read: average-sized) 2016 Swimsuit Issue cover model, Miss Ashley Graham.

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