Saturday, January 15, 2011

au courant ["New"] Panda Bear / Robert Smith-CC Visuals

Yes, Panda Bear's continually pushed back, "non-existent," 4th album does indeed exist! Paw Tracks will release TOMBOY on April 19th. Panda Bear's Press Release states that "...all the songs have been added to and newly mixed, with help from Sonic Boom, to give the album a wonderfully rich and warm sound..." Implying that the MGMT (Congratulations) producer has tinkered with the 6 previously-released tracks (showcased on 3 recent singles), readying them for further inclusion on the LP. Shortly after the details' announcement, a new track/video "leaked" Online. "Atiba Song" soundtracks a recent skatefairy Team video reel. Said skate tape was filmed by/stars Atiba Jefferson and Ty Evans. The track will most likely also be included on the new album. An "official tracklist" should be revealed soon.
A new video from Crystal Castles is also highlighted within this post. Video Marsh's Nic Brown shot and edited the eerily grainy visual accompaniment for the "Not In Love" Platinum Blonde (1983) cover/Robert Smith (The Cure) Remix. CC's original version is featured on their newest album, 2010's Crystal Castles (2), with the remix featured on an accompanying CD single release.

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