Friday, January 14, 2011

Mike V's Revolution Mother

Revolution Mother is Mike Vallely's "new band." Born in Edison, New Jersey and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the skateboarder/actor/TV personality/stuntman now hails from Long Beach, California. The iconic skater may also be recognizable to some from his appearances in the Jackass series, Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, The Hangover ("Neeco," the tuxedo van man), CKY videos/Viva La Bam, or his iPhone video game.
Revolution Mother was formed around 2007, after Vallely's previous band, Mike V & The Rats dissolved, and a string of solo releases. Jason Hampton, Colin Buis, and Brendan Murphy fill out the band. They have since released 2 albums, Glory Bound (2007) and Rollin' with tha Mutha (2009). Their sound can be simply described as American Hard Rock/Punk-Metal PARTYTIME music, that's influenced by early Black Flag.

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