Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Nino Bless single ["-feat." Johnny Cash].

"Just thought I’d do something different. Off a project I’m doing called "A Bitch Named Karma" … Only 10 new songs and its a pretty dark project. Still doing Latin Marksman 2 but in the middle of recording for it, I started doing more conceptual and dark material. That eventually led to "A Bitch Named Karma." I’m 7 songs deep already this is the first song I recorded for the project, last year. The Mixtape will feature Crooked I, Atmosphere, Sha Stimuli, Saigon and production from Scram Jones, Madlib, J Cardim, Veterano, along with with some hungry young talented cats.
I tried to do the late great Johnny Cash justice. I wanted to do a whole mash up project with Johnny Cash material but decided against it cause I didn’t want to look like I was trying to gain exposure off his name. Hopefully I did this song some justice cause Johnny Cash is one of my favorite artist of all time."

- A nice little track explanation, straight from the man himself, Nino Bless.

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  1. this is kinda dope.. johnny cash is the man. idk about nino but i love the cash