Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hanni el Khatib for Nike - "I Got a Thing" (Extended Remix)

Re-appropriating George Clinton's 1970 Westbound 158 Hit - "I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody's Got a Thing" from Funkadelic (debut), Hanni el Khatib soundtracks the new Nike campaign. Dubbed "NIKE CHOSEN/JUST DO IT," the effort combines the up-and-coming Los Angeles musician's sounds with raw footage of some of Team Nike's finest action sports athletes... In a similar style to the successful "adidas is all in" venture alongside Justice.
Hanni el Khatib is essentially a one-man band, producer, singer-songwriter who is often times joined by live drummer, Nicky Fleming-Yaryan... "With his sinewy guitar and wry, whiskey-glazed voice, Hanni creates malt shop music for those who drink them spiked with bourbon." Crafting what he calls, in his own words, "[Music] for anyone who’s ever been shot or hit by a train: Knife fight music."

In essence, a Stones Throw sister label, Innovative Leisure released Khatib's first two 7" singles in 2010 - "Dead Wrong"/"You Rascal You" and "Build. Destroy. Rebuild."/"Loved One." The set of previously-released tracks will appear on his upcoming album for the label, Will the Guns Come Out (September?). Hanni el Khatib's Funkadelic cover has thusfar been released in 2 forms... 1:31 Nike clip and the 3:34 "Extended Remix" - Stylistically, they sound pretty similar to me. But the latter edit IS indeed a little more "Electronic" and a tad bit more "reverb-y." Pick up a copy of "I Got a Thing" on iTunes now... or wait 'til June 21st, when the physical CD single is released, via Amazon.

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