Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spank Rock Calls Out... Everything & Everyone on New Single - "Energy."

Indie Rockers and Hip-Hoppers alike, mark Sept. 27th down in your datebooks. That [early] Fall Tues. is when the gap will be bridged between Spank Rock's debut and sophomore albums. Affectionately dubbed "Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar," Album #2 has secretly been in-the-works since about 2006 (YoYoYoYoYo).
@ the time of its inception, the Philly/Baltimore collective included Spank Rock (Naeem Juwan), XXXchange, Amanda Blank, DJ Ronnie Darko, and Chris Devlin. The current incarnation seems to only include MC Spank Rock... while the collection's collaborators include the likes of Pharrell/The Neptunes, executive prod. Boys Noize, Sam Spiegel (N.A.S.A's own "Squeak E. Clean"), Crystal Castles, Santigold, Big Freeda, Chris Rockswell, and once again, XXXchange.

Spank Rock - "Energy" (Boys Noize)

Between albums Juwan focused his labors on miscellaneous side-projects, crafting "Conceptual Italo-Disco" with Mobroder and Bangers & Cash EP alongside Benny Blanco... and a handful of varied genre-spanning features.
Again, Spank Rock's very own label (Bad Blood Records) will liberate Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar this coming Sept. 27th. Boys Noize was commissioned to man production duties on the first single, "Energy" - A track which features a sample pulled from Can's 1972 Hit Krautrock Single, "Vitamin C" @ its heart. Head on over to Pitchfork and enter your email address in the nifty little widget to receive a FREE mp3 download. A companion "Energy" Lyrics Sheet can be viewed @ Spank Rock's Day-Glo website.

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