Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mike G. Screws & Chops Up Rihanna

Widely credited as the "Frankenstein Monster" of one DJ Screw... Screwed & Chopped Remix technique essentially makes the listener feel as through they're fucked up on a hefty dose-age of "Purple Drank" (Codeine). Based out of Houston, TX then and now, the genre is alternately referred to as "Slowed & Throwed" or "Chopped & Screwed." DJ Screw developed the style sometime between 1984-91, with mild personal success(es) coming prior to his tragic 2000 death. Tempo's usually dropped down to about 60-70 BPM with added bells & whistles mixed in @ a later stage to create the desired "chopped" effect. A handful of other leading contributors includes: DJ Michael "5,000" Watts, DJ OG Ron C, Paul Wall, and Three 6 Mafia.

"Man Down" seems to be a track from one of Mike G's upcoming color-based mixtape offerings - GOLD, Royal Blue, Fire Red, and Ice Water. In this particular instance, the young DJ only slightly slowed down the vocals and accompanying backing track... Giving the overall Rihanna single a more Caribbean/Reggae-feel, with added [slowed] emphasis now focused on storytelling-related tidbits. 1 of 11 Odd Future members, Mike G's previously released solo material includes: ALI EP, Tyler, The Creator - BASTARD (Remix Album), Screwed Up Saturdays Vol. 1-2, and other various Chopped & Screwed Remixes of popular tracks; That are surely now floating around within the "vast waters" of the Inter-Web.

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