Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pictureplane - "Real Is a Feeling" (music video)

Below is the just-released official "Real Is a Feeling" visual accompaniment, Directed by Travis Egedy/Pictureplane. His latest effort [Thee Physical] was co-produced by Jupiter Keyes (HEALTH) and will be released on July 19th, through Lovepump United. If Thee Physical shapes up to be anything like its precursor, Dark Rift... This too will surely be an "Instant CLASSIC Album!"

Black & white live video feed of HEALTH covering Egedy's own Fleetwood Mac-sampling 2009 "Break-Out Single" of sorts, "Goth Star" @ Hilfiger Denim Live event, Madrid 2010. One can quite easily assume that homage-paying performances like this could have been what sparked such future [present] Pictureplane/Jupiter collaboration(s) in this first place.

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