Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kashmere Stage Band & Conrad "Prof." Johnson - Thunder Soul (Jamie Foxx)

"An official release date - Sept. 23, 2011 - has been set for the Kashmere Stage Band documentary "Thunder Soul," presented by Jamie Foxx. [The film] follows the extraordinary alumni from Houston's storied Kashmere (High School) Stage Band... Who return[ed] home after 35 years to play a tribute concert for the 92-year-old "Prof," their beloved band leader who broke the color barrier and transformed the school's struggling Jazz band into a world-class Funk Powerhouse in the early 1970's.
Now-Again Records has had an important role in Kashmere Stage Band's musical legacy, beginning with Stones Throw's The Funky 16 Corners (2001), compiling and releasing their anthology Texas Thunder Soul (2006)... On up through the promotion of the forthcoming documentary."

- Stones Throw Records, LLC

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