Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weird Al & The Roots - "Accordion" (MADVILLAIN)

MADVILLAIN - "Accordion" (D minor)

In celebration of his [own personal] landmark 1.6 million-th Twitter Follower, @questlove (Questo of The Roots), liberated a brand new audio track. Recorded in collaboration with Weird Al, The Roots laid down a collective cover of MADVILLAIN's "Accordion." Shared world-wide through Twitter and then posted to his swift.fm page.
Coincidentally, Al was the "sit-in musical guest" on the 6/20-21 episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Essentially, he was part of The Roots for the night - Banter, running jokes, walk-on music, commercial break throws... Weird Al's latest parody album: Alpocalypse is out today, June 21st. While ?uestlove & The Roots are currently in the studio, hard @ work on Album #14; Billboard reports that it's an "orchestral concept album," of sorts. For zealous fans interested in a "Hip-Hop Lesson" housed within a slightly awkward interview scenario, head on over to YouTube - Nardwuar vs. ?uestlove (Parts 1-4).

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