Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pop Artist & Surfer Chronicle Intriguing Ex-Pornstar In "SASHA GREY."

Seemingly made to co-exist as thought-provoking companion pieces... "LINDSAY LOHAN" directors Richard Phillips & Taylor Steele are back with their most recent Art Presentation, "SASHA GREY." The 90-second short film was shot in early May @ John Lautner Chemosphere House in Los Angeles, CA. Both striking flicks will be shown on a giant floating video screen ["Commercial Break"] @ Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Venice, Italy (June 1-5).
"Adult acting chops" aside, Sasha (23) seems very intelligent, captivating, free-spirited, business savvy, well-mannered, charming... and dare I say, "average." And I really think that's exactly what Phillips/Steele were trying to convey throughout the course of the piece; Grey's beauty, public draw, sheer likeability, and honesty will surely take her very far in future endeavors... Solidifying her [updated] image as a true "Pop Culture Figure."

* Featured soundtrack: Chelsea Wolfe - "Moses"

Sasha Grey's note-worthy works include: 224 adult films (2006-11), Entourage Season 7, Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience, starring roles in The Roots & Smashing Pumpkins' music videos, multiple released/upcoming albums with her Industrial band - aTelecine, and a recent "coffee table" photo book (NeĆ¼ Sex). In addition to these, upcoming film ventures are set to consist of: A star-studded Indie film - I Melt with You, an in-the-works "I Am Destroyer" screenplay, and a collaboration with up-and-coming director Frankie Latinas. Further details on these most recent developments can be viewed within this April 2011 Complex interview.

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