Sunday, June 19, 2011

Roger Lima - "Bike Donut" (Specialized Beats)

Over the course of roughly 2 minutes, Roger Lima skillfully manages to craft a beat... using ONLY bike parts/sounds. In collaboration with Specialized Bicycles and WhiteNoise Lab, Lima set up shop in his [wife's] living room - Making the best "instrumental" use of 2 choice Specialized models: Stumpjumper Pro FSR and Stumpjumper Comp FSR. Additional utilized components include: cardboard box, Topeak track pump, stair-steps, kitchen utensils, and drumming implements. Minimal processing after-effects (compressor, distortion, EQ, delay, and Final Cut Pro) were then used in the editing stage. Grab an mp3 of the "Specialized Beats" audio track over @ WhiteNoise Lab. Another 3 pages-worth of assorted Roger Lima compositions are available for stream/downloading over @ WhiteNoise Lab, Planet Earth, USA Soundcloud.

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