Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No I.D. Presents... Cocaine 80s - "The Pursuit EP"

Tuesday-Wednesday afternoon(s), a mysterious new R&B/Hip-Hop collective made their debut online. Veiled in partial secrecy, Cocaine 80s unleashed a 7-track EP - The Pursuit to the unsuspecting masses. It's currently available for purchase @ the cost of $1 Tweet ["Lift off. I just got REAL high off this #cocaine80s. Try some, everybody\'s doin it."] In addition to 7 mp3's, the zip file package also included "Coked Out Alice" cover art and a Credits.pdf (Adobe). Bloggers and fans alike remain somewhat puzzled when it comes to Cocaine 80s, as the information essentially stops where the above-listed contents end.

- Alt. Artwork By: Cliché Guevara @ Kanyetothe

No I.D. - Chemist
Steve Wyreman - Axe, Free Bass, Keys of Coke
Rob "The Mixer" Kinelski - Engineer & Sonic Manipulator
Kevin Randolph - Kilos [Keys]
James Fauntleroy sings the Blues.
Common - Dope Raps
Makeba [Riddick] - The Godmother

The Lookouts:
Sam Lewis
Anna Ugarte
Omar Loya
Blake Douglas - The Middle Man
"Pablo Escobar" AKA: Mike Chavez - Street Dealer
...and many more! (Pharrell?)

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