Thursday, June 23, 2011

KREAYSHAWN ("Gucci Gucci") to Direct Chili Peppers' Music Video

"Young KREAYSHAWN came up in the Bay [Oakland, CA]. Inspired by art and snatching bitches. You can't fathom what I'm doing. I'm out in L.A now. Gettin' a tan and putting my Trap hand down for once." @ Facebook Bio
Natassia Zolot, AKA: KREAYSHAWN ("creation?") is a 21-year-old UC Berkley film-student turned music video director/rapper. "#BASED GODDESS" has directed past videos for the likes of Lil B #BASEDGOD, Soulja Boy, and Stalker. Zolot is also a member of White Girl Mob - Along with V-Nasty and [twin sister?] DJ Lil Debbie. Note-worthy past releases include "Bumpin' Bumpin'" and 2010-11 mixtapes, Kittys x Choppas/Kreayshawn X The Mob.

MTVNews reports that KREAYSHAWN is in fact preparing to venture away from her comfort zone (Bay Area rappers). As she's gearing up to direct the upcoming Red Hot Chili Peppers video single - "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" from their new record, I'm with You (August 30). Zolot rose to fame when she released the "Gucci Gucci" music video back in May; Shot on the fly, it's ended up drawing in 3 million+ YouTube views! An imminent "Label Battle" quickly ensued and KREAYSHAWN eventually ended up signing to Columbia. Her still-untitled major label debut is soon TBR. Head on over to to pick up #BASEDGODDESS' most recent single, "Rich Whores", in exchange for an email address. A Ticket Pre-Sale offer and/or Limited Edition T-shirt Package(s) for 5 Fall 2011 Tour dates are also now available.

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