Sunday, October 16, 2011

BALAM ACAB - "videogamesrmx" (Lana del Rey)

Yes yes, like the majority of Web 2.0 World, I have indeed fallen delightfully in "love" with one Lana del Rey... and I'll be the first to admit that I've indeed posted my fair share of assorted tracks and remixes centered around the sultry songstress. But as a die-hard Indie Rock/D.I.Y. fan, this most recent BALAM ACAB-produced "Video Games" re-work is by far the most interesting, compelling, and buzz-worth take presented thus far. It was mysteriously uploaded to the artist's personal Facbook account sometime over the course of this past weekend.
The man behind the "BALAM ACAB" moniker is in fact Alec Koone, a 20-year-old Pennsylvania native, who was partially responsible for the ever-rapid rise of "Witch-House" as a LEGIT[imate] musical genre. Since breaking onto the Indie music scene in 2008, Koone has released 2 EP-LP's worth of J Dilla-inspired Experimental tunes to widespread acclaim: See Birds EP and Wander/Wonder. "Video Games" is far from Alec Koone's first run-in with a voluptuous Hollywood diva; As the closing cut from BALAM ACAB's "See Birds" [Sun] EP was chopped and dually used to soundtrack Beyoncé's debut L'Oreal TV commercial spot.

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