Saturday, October 22, 2011

Philly's Finest: Has-Lo - "Maxell UR" (Remix)

"As for Conversation B, It's a bit of a re-visioning of In Case I Don't Make It (ICIDMI). Some people tuned in to ICIDMI without any problem, but there were others it didn't really connect with. Conversation B pushes the picture that I created with In Case I Don't Make It through these other producer's filters. That changes the tone of the album but it also lends itself to a number of new interpretations. While I produced ICIDMI in it's entirety, "Maxell UR" is the only song I produced on this Conversation B. The rest of it was taken on by Exile, J-Zone, [Kev Brown,] Eric Lau, Oddisee, and [Apollo Brown]. It all takes on a completely separate feel this time around. Conversation B may be a good primer for people who were maybe blind-sided by how dark In Case I Don't Make It was. I hope that if this is your first time hearing a Has-Lo record, it'll make you want to go back and experience ICIDMI. That's part of the reason I made it. If you're already into my music, then I hope you dig it because we put a lot of work into it."

- Has-Lo (email reply)

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