Friday, October 28, 2011

Cancer for Cure: El-P - "Rush Over BKLYN" (Mr. Dibbs Initiative)

El-P -"Rush Over BKLYN"

Released in conjunction with the like-minded people over @ Legitmix, "Rush Over BKLYN" is, for all intensive purposes, an artistic re-imagination of El-P's own recently-released track, "Drones Over BKLYN." Effectively assembled and released with Legtmix's * state-of-the-art fair use-age [sampling] technologies, the remixed track successfully melds fun, charity, Hip-Hop/Rock "N" Roll, and experimentation. The pair of tracks will reportedly appear on El Producto's upcoming album, Cancer for Cure (Fat Possum).
All proceeds from "Rush Over BKLYN"'s sale(s) will be donated towards Mr. Dibbs' ever-growing hospital bills... as the Cincinnati DJ is currently laid up, undergoing liver treatment. Money can also be donated directly to his wife, Kristin Rose @ or via snail mail: Brad Forste 4830 Poplar St. Cincinnati, OH 45212.

* "When a consumer purchases "Rush Over BKLYN," the browser-based Legitmix software searches their computer for the "Tom Sawyer" track. If they don't have it, they can purchase it from Legitmix or any online music store. With a few mouse clicks, [our] software recreates on the binary level "Rush Over BKLYN" on the consumer's computer using their copy of "Tom Sawyer." The price of "Rush Over BKLYN" is $0.70, plus the retail cost of the original Rush track (if the consumer doesn't [already] have it)."

- Legitmix Press Release

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