Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#BASED HALLOWEEN: Lil B & SALEM - "Slangin' Yayo" (Witch-Hop)

In an effort to spread the often-forgotten warm, creative spirit of Halloween... Gouls & gals, it's my pleasure to present to you: Lil B & SALEM - "Slangin' Yayo." Essentially, an expanded version/sequel of Red Flame (mixtape), Evil Red Flame was quietly liberated to DatPiff on Thanksgiving Day 2010 along with this cryptic message: "This Is The Closing To The RED FLAME GENRE AND CLASSIC COLLECTORS ITEMS, EVIL RED FLAME IS THE KEY PIECE TO COMPLETE YOUR RED FLAME LISTEN... YOU MUST PEACEFULLY DOWNLOAD BLUE FLAME TO UNDERSTAND RED FLAME AND EVIL RED FLAME MIXTAPE!! COLLECT THEM ALL!"

SALEM is in fact, a Michigan-based band made up of 3 creative 20-somethings: Jack Donoghue, Heather Marlatt, and John Holland. While originally jokingly conceived by Travis Edgy as a pseudo-genre, the members of SALEM have fully embraced and embodied the signifying "qualities" of Witch-House... hence, fortifying it as a legitimate reality; Commonly categorized by samples, darkness, Chopped & Screwed elements, emotions, Down South Hip-Hop, a layer of Shoegaze, noise/drones, etc. I believe that "Slangin' Yayo" lifts [samples] portions from my personal favourite SALEM riddim: "Dirt." IAMSOUND released SALEM's debut long-player, King Night, back in Sept. 2010. Yeah, and good luck keeping up with Lil B's rapid-paced career!

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