Sunday, October 9, 2011

Black Noi$e & SKYWLKR Detroit-ize Death Grips "Ex-military" (mixtape)

Spent this past Columbus Day Weekend in Ocean City, MD with some friends; (W)reckless, little mini-vacation! Saw a fair share of sweet-ass classic cars, Hooters girls, Yuenglings, food dishes, surfshops, delectable legs, etc. While nestled away with 8 comapdres in a "3-person hotel room," [sans computer] I was still able to research a few solid leads... receive an advance zip file, random Indie Hip-Hop track, and learned about "what the kids are listening to." Without a doubt, a weekend for the books, if I do say so myself!

One of those formative [rough] stories: Black Noi$e & SKYWLKR - "exexmilitary." For all intensive purposes, a Detroit-fueled Remix CD version of Death Grips' mixtape (Ex-military). Making good use of Flat-Lander, Zach Hill, and MC Ride's recently supplied Black Google stems, the Straight-Edge Rocker and Bruiser Brigade beatsmith created this here 8-track EP... often re-arranging, tweaking, chopping, extending, and brutalizing the original HARD AS NAILS remix-able parts. Death Grips is basically one of the hardest and most revolutionary groups I've heard in a long time, and I'm not even going to try to explain that shit; So, if their music sounds the least bit appealing to you, head on over to Third Worlds for the afore-mentioned Ex-military mixtape and companion Black Google stems. Black Noi$e & SKYWLKR's full Remix EP, exexmilitary is now available for download over @ MediaFire.

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