Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Art of "Being Cool" with Chuuwee (Interview'd)

(1.) I believe I heard that your mom sings-raps on one of the mixtape's tracks... Tell me a little but about how that collaboration came to be?

I've been bothering my mom about that for a while now, actually. I've always wanted her on a joint and finally persuaded her. We freestyle all the time when [I] hang out with her.

(2.) How did you manage to get in touch with Jonathon Lowell, the album's sole producer?

I met Jonathan Lowell through Twitter. I was looking for production at the time and he was the only person he didn't bullshit and actually sent over some work.

(3.) Is there any sort of running concept/theme behind Be Cool?

The whole theme behind Be Cool was me being myself. I wrote the project around the time I was going through a lot of changes and just finding myself as an artist. The theme simply is just in many given situations, we don't always make sound decisions. So, a lot of the tape was just given situations and how I, myself would or would not handle [them]. In life, we get a lot of shit you just gotta be cool through it.

(4.) What were some of your sources of inspiration during the recording process of this album?

A lot of it was just everything around me - Life, TV, other people's problems. It was a vast reflection of a crucial part of my life, so I used life situations as the motivation.

(5.) A. Can fans expect to see a physical release of Be Cool (CD)?

I might press some up for mercy at shows. But the next physical release will be my album, "Fever Hunt" with Lee Bannon.

B. And what can they look forward to seeing/hearing next?

I'm not sure what I'm dropping next actually. I'm working on some crazy stuff with my homie DJ Knockout out of Providence. I've been working heavily on the "Fever Hunt" EP with Lee Bannon, we're planning Thee TUS mixture as we speak, actually... and I've got a project with Rufio, and a project with Sundown of Actual Proof ready, too.

(6.) A. How are the download numbers looking so far?

Last time I checked, we were at 4,000+!

B. What are you planning to buy with your first big, "label paycheck?"

A Dodge Challenger. That's all I need... and a pound haha.

(7.) After seeing the "Chuuwee" logo, I was wondering if you're a Misfits (Glenn Danzig) fan?

Huge Misfits fan! They're my favorite Rock group, I'm big on 80's Punk Rock music. "Skulls" is my favorite Misfits song.

(8.) Are you planning to tour in support of Be Cool? That'd be mildly "unconventional," yet great!

I' m actually on a promo run for it now. I've had a couple dates back to back, so we spruced it up. Just got back from the East Coast [and] it was dope!

(9.) What's your current label situation? I remember you telling me that at one point, you were in talks with Duck Down and that Be Cool was shelved... As we can see, it ended up being Presented By: TUS, OOLOO CLOTHING, & AMALGAM DIGITAL.

I'm currently in talks with a few people for "Fever Hunt." Got some nice offers on the table, so things are looking good right now.

(10.) In what (if any) ways do you make use of the concepts that are "Pop" and "melody" when crafting your music?

I blend everything into my music. I take elements from any and everything you can think of: Songs, TV, movies, video games... various genres have inspired tracks you wouldn't believe haha.


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