Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"I Hated Spider-Man 2, James Franco." (Hoodie Allen)

By now, most everyone should know... the timespan between 2010-11 was without a doubt rather prosperous for one Mr. James Franco. In some circles, he's been affectionately titled, "Tinseltown's Favourite Weirdo" - For his diversified movie role selections and various side-projects. A few of "Teddy"'s recent block-busters include: Pineapple Express, Milk, Howl, Your Highness, Date Night ["Taste Tripplehorn"], and 127 Hours. IMDb then lists Franco's Upcoming Projects (2011-13) as: The Broken Tower, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Rebel, Maladies, Sal [Mineo], The Stare, Cherry, Oz: The Great and Powerful... The Iceman, and [Linda] Lovelace?

James Franco decided to go back to UCLA during the 2006-08 semesters... nearly 10 years after dropping out after his freshman year. Talking some 62 19 course credits/quarter, Franco graduated with an English degree/3.5 GPA and enrolled in 4 separate grad. schools. Really carving out a unique path of his own... Franco is quickly becoming a Pop Culture Icon, while staying true to himself and keeping people guessing. Additional endeavors have included: Palo Alto: Stories (novel), Kalup & Franco - performance art project, "Three's Company: The Drama," and co-hosting Oscars #83 with Anne Hathaway. As well as an upcoming Broadway-adapted version of Tennessee Williams' "Sweet Bird of Youth," 44 episodes of General Hospital (spanning 2009-11), and a rumored nude coffee table book [Terry Richardson] with Lindsay Lohan.

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