Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Korallreven - "A Dream Within a Dream" (Swedish Mixtape #3)

"Acéphale is proud to announce the debut album by Korallreven, An Album By Korallreven. * To celebrate, we asked Marcus and Daniel to complete their "Dream Trilogy" of mixtapes and what they delivered is a perfect joy. More ambitious than their previous mixes, ** the pair revisit and remix some of their favourite songs from the past year. The result is not [so much] a farewell to summer, more of a wistful glance over the shoulder. However, we're never quite satisfied... So, we asked [Korallreven] to present the tracks in their individual forms as well. Look forward to the first single from the album ("As Young As Yesterday") coming soon. Enjoy the long weekend!"

- Acéphale Records

* If you've enjoyed this mix[tape], "The Truest Faith," and/or "Honey Mine" - Head on over to Acéphale to pre-order either a CD or vinyl LP copy of Korallreven's upcoming debut full-length; An Album By Korallreven (#ACE019) is currently slated for a Nov. 15th release.

** The previous 2 appended parts of "The Dream Trilogy" mixtape series (2010), A Dream By Korallreven and Another Dream By Korallreven are still currently available for download, courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear.

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