Friday, August 26, 2011

GZA & Wavves Re-mix "Liquid Swords" (National TV)

I have to admit, when Wavves first broke onto "the scene" in 2008-09, I really wasn't digging his output [Wavves & Wavvves] and didn't see the reason for all the attached media "hoopla." But with the addition of Zach Hill (Hella) Bill Hayes and Stephen Pope of Jay Reatard's "The Reatards," my view of the band slowly but surely changed. During this transition phase, frontman Nathan Williams seems to have gradually grown out of his initial messy, Noise Rock sound... and thank [Indie] God(s), quickly ditched that "I'm cool/arrogant" shtick.

This incarnation of Wavves subsequently laid down the tracks compiled on King of The Beach (2010); Included within are note-worthy Pop-based Surf Rock hits like: "Post Acid," "King of The Beach," and "Mickey Mouse." Bill Hayes has since been replaced by Jacob Cooper - former drummer of California's own The Mae Shi. Feel free to mosey on over to Pitchfork for the most up-to-date Wavves [music] news articles, compliments of Larry Fitzmaurice and Tom Breihan (Stereogum). recent updates include: Fucked Up tour dates, soundtrack composition work, Life Sux EP release dates, TV appearances, and album tracklists.

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