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Friday, August 19, 2011

KREAYSHAWN Really Knows How to "Bump Bump" Dat Ass

Alright, well, I'm just gonna go right ahead and cut to the chase, 'cause we're all friends here: KREAYSHAWN will one day soon be re-christened "Mrs. Natassia Gail Zolot Horowitz." After directing a string of well-recieved "BASED Music Videos" for Lil B, KREAYSHAWN then slowly started to carve out her own unique career path. Maintaining a solid foundation of musical/film activity throughout her childhood, KREAYSHAWN attended [and subsequently dropped out of] Berkley Film School.
Experimenting in and quickly growing tired with the fields of: "Director, Cinematographer, Editor, DJ, Pixel Artist, Swag Assassin, and Under-cat;" KREAYSHAWN then kick-started her pursuit of a Hip-Hop career around 2008. Once break-out hit, "Gucci Gucci" started garnering record-breaking amounts of YouTube views (12,265,453+ since May)... the label execs. imminently started a-calling with signing packages. The track below - "Bumpin' Bumpin'" - was actually featured on KREAYSHAWN's introductory mixtape, Kittys X Choppas. Download a copy over @ DatPiff and stay tuned... as Columbia Records will soon release her major label debut album, "LIFE WITH LOOPY."

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