Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ital - "Dub Me for Night" (Saviour's Love Mega-Mix)

Daniel Martin-McCormick skillfully and concurrently moonlights as Sex Worker, Ital, and Mi Ami... All the while, actively working with group projects [bands] "LA Vampires Goes Ital" and Black Eyes. This latest project, Ital, is strongly rooted in Dance-House music... moreso than that of Martin-McCormick's past endeavors. Under the label direction of 100% Silk, Ital has released 3 limited edition [350] 12" EP's so far in 2011. Also of note, is his New Wave-y collaborative "Streetwise" 12" with label-head, Amanda "LA Vampires" Brown.
"Only for Night" is the title cut/break-out "hit" from Silk #2 of 3; Released to vimeo on August 7th, its accompanying music video was directed by Aurora Halal, Luke Wyatt & Daniel Martin-McCormick. For all intensive purposes, "Dub Me for Night" is basically a cut-and-pasted reel of old, shitty VHS tapes... spliced between/against "bloody" Day-Glo images of Ital [Daniel]. I believe that @ least part of the 7-minute long affair features Martin-McCormick lip-synching along with a synth-filled edit of Florence + The Machine's "You've Got the Love" (The Source & Candi Staton).

Print Interviews:

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