Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The National - "Exile, Vilify" (Contest Winners)

First Place = C.F. Meister

While its single art runs with the same overall stylistic theme as The National's High Violet (2010) Era, "Exile, Vilify" is in fact featured within Portal 2's [video game] soundtrack. First released along with a Viral Trailer back in April, the track's popularity has been steadily growing/picking up steam ever since. To commemorate Portal 2's massive success, Valve Software [game developers] set up a contest to track down the best fan-made music video for "Exile, Vilify."
As the "Portal 2 Music Video Contest" deadline quickly approached, Team Valve was having a hard time deciding on a winner; managing to whittle the 320+ fan entries down to 2 uniquely different music video submissions, the delicate task was passed off to The National band members. Both close winning teams will receive nearly identical prize packages... The only differentiation being custom guitar/messenger bags. The contest site dubbed, "Think with Portals" is currently showcasing merryamartyr's Second Third Place-winning video; As well as honorees in Best... Green Screen, LEGO, Turret, Puppet, Ratman, and other assorted categories.

1.00000000001th Place = MikeMov89Portal2

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