Saturday, August 6, 2011

Press Ctrl+A to Unlock Fast, New Blink-182 Download ("Heart's All Gone")

Mark Hoppus @ Google+ challenged tech-savvy fans to "Command the A" Thursday evening [August 4th]; The linked URL,, was then essentially shut down nearly 24 hours later. While live and active, the micro-site featured a simplistic black-and-white rendering of Blink-182's Popular "smiley face" logo (2003) strewn across a stalk white background.
Once highlighted under the command of Ctrl+A, a download link and accompanying "invisible lyrics" text for a new album track, "Heart's All Gone" were simultaneously revealed. To reiterate, Blink-182's first commercial effort in 8 long years [Neighborhoods] will become available for purchase world-wide this coming Sept. 27th!

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