Thursday, December 16, 2010

"The Beets" (Doug) Live-Action Videos

This really is great! Doug is just something that's so nostalgic for people that are now in their 20's... I remember rushing home from school every day, steadily checking the time (on my Nickelodeon watch), making sure I was always home on time to watch the newest Doug episode. The Beets were Doug's favourite "band." The group "consisted" of Monroe Yoder (bass/vocals), Wendy Nespot (keyboard), Flounder (guitar), and Clyde "Chap" Lipman (drums). Being older, more enthralled in music and Pop Culture, I can really appreciate their "sound." I have to say, it's a shame they were just a fictitious band, because these songs are pretty solid! A lot better than I had remembered. If I could find out who The Beets session musicians were, I'd definitely buy a CD of their work(s)! It's also now extremely obvious that Doug creator Jim Jinkins ad his team were indeed fans of '60's British Rock bands like The Beatles, Stones, The Who, Cream, etc.

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