Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Closure DVD?"

In 1997, Trent Reznor & Company released the "Closure" VHS set. The release, dubbed [Halo #12], featured a tape of live concert/behind-the-scenes footage (Self-Destruct Tour), and a second tape full of music videos. Both VHS tapes included selections from NIN's first 2 albums - Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral.
Flash-forward to 2004... Trent announced the highly-anticipated DVD version of Closure. A teaser trailer was put online, 90minutes of additional bonus footage was mentioned, and a 2004 "release date" came and went. In 2006, "prototypes" of Discs 1 and 2 were uploaded to The Pirate Bay (torrents), later being broken down into short segments and spread across the Inter-Web. Reznor has said that as a result of the leaks, the DVD re-issue will likely never see the light of day. Here's to hoping he changes his mind!

Uncompleted, Version 1 ("Red Cave") video.

"The Making of Closer" (Documentary).

2004 nin.com teaser trailer.

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