Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Circle Jerks (Keith Morris)

Keith Morris was one of the founding members of iconic So. Cal Hardcore Punk band, Black Flag. He appeared on their 1978 debut EP, Nervous Breakdown, and subsequently parted ways with the band the following year. Morris also appeared on 9 tracks on the 1982 compilation album, Everything Went Black. After his departure, the band had a few other vocalists, finally settling on Henry Rollins in '81. Around the same time period, Morris formed his new band, Circle Jerks. Their landmark debut album, Group Sex, notoriously featured a couple Black Flag "covers," which Morris composed during his time in the band. Circle Jerks continued to release a steady flow of albums over the next 15 years, while also focusing on other minor projects. As of right now, the band may or may not be broken up. For the time being, Morris is fronting his new band, ("Hardcore Punk Super-Group"), OFF!

- A clip from "The Decline of Western Civilization," a 1980 documentary. The 5 songs performed, ["Red Tape"/"Back Against The Wall"/"I Just Want Some Skank"/"Beverly Hills"/"Wasted"] were all also featured on Group Sex.

"When the Shit Hits the Fan" initially appeared on Circle Jerks Album #3, Golden Shower of Hits. It was then re-recorded in 1984 for the Repo Man soundtrack. This version is performed in an acoustic/lounge style. And also featured a slightly different than the original 1983 take. Both versions are very memorable for obvious (different) reasons, and an equal level of "cheese."

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