Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Indie-Pop Music

[The "inspiration" (hook/chorus) for "Like a G6."]

I'm not gonna lie, the music is sub par, yet catchy. But from a business standpoint, Indie-Pop Music is doing it right, full 9! Run by entertainment attorney, Joshua Andriano and music industry man, Benjamin Willis (with creative direction via Carlos Fox). At its roots, exists a label/management team/company/publisher/collective. Ben, Josh and company find up-and-coming artists, fine-tune them, record, build connects, and so on and so forth... All the while, going the DIY route. The artists included in the mix are Dev, The Cataracs (the 3 of whom live together in a studio apartment/recording studio), The Pack, Bobby Brackins, DJ Havoc, Yuna, and newcomer Marty James; Along with producers - The Cataracs, Nic Nac, Carnage, and Fusion Unltd. Keep an eye on these cats and dogs... Here's hoping that the quality of Indie-Pop's releases moves up to the level of their business tactics!

[From Snoop's Doggumentary Music (March 2011), prod. The Cataracs.]

[Actually a Cataracs/Dev original, with Far East Movement added later on.]

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