Thursday, March 31, 2011

Danny Brown - "Guitar Solo"

"Guitar Solo" (visual), Danny Brown's most recent release, is actually Track #10 from his [slept upon] 2010 mixtape, The Hybrid. Along with the next sequential tracklisted piece ("White Stripes"), "Guitar Solo" is pretty Rock-inspired. From a quick listen, the 2 aforementioned tracks are definitely mixtape/"album" stand-outs.
It seems as though The Hybrid was released this time last year (March 16, 2010). Since its release, the up-and-coming Detroit MC has released a string of videos for album tracks - The 7+ videos are viewable over @ the "HybridMusicGroup" YouTube Channel.

In addition to this collection, Brown also released a project with Tony Yayo. The Hawaiian Snow team-up makes more sense than it initially appears... Since Brown was [supposedly] a "member" of G-Unit at one point. Tracks featuring Danny Brown rapping alongside artists like Black Milk, eLZhi, Lil B, and Buff1... as well as over Dilla and "Johnson&Jonson" (Blu/Mainframe) productions are available online.

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