Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nike's Coveted Waffle Iron Discovered.

The other day, in my Web-surfing travels, I was pulled in the direction of a very interesting article. Said article, "Nike's Holy Grail: Bowerman family unearths long-lost waffle iron" (By Rachel Bachman of The Oregonian), was showcased within Oregon Live's Mon., Feb. 28, 2011 online edition.
The crux of the [very well-written] article details Bill Bowerman (Nike's "mad scientist")'s notorious 1971 "product experimentation," using his wife's waffle iron. On that now infamous Oregon morning, Bill discovered a pivotal break-through, with help from the common kitchen appliance.
That waffle iron was seemingly demoted back to it's regular use-age soon thereafter, the Waffle Trainer was released (1974), the appliance was then "lost," and miraculously re-discovered recently. Read the full article over here.

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