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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ford & Lopatin - "Emergency Room"

Ford & Lopatin's Channel Pressure (TBR June 7th) is a loose concept record about "a teenage anti-hero [Joey Rogers], violent robo-jocks, and a record industry run by a super computer."

Channel Pressure (Software/Mexican Summer) Tracklist -

01. "Scumsoft"
02. "Channel Pressure"
03. "Emergency Room"
04. "Rock Center Paranoia"
05. "Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me)"
06. "New Planet"
07. "The Voices"
08. "Joey Rogers"
09. "Dead Jammer"
10. "Break Inside"
11. "Surrender"
12. "Green Fields"
13. "World of Regret"
14. "G's Dream"

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